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The city of Chicago is filled with homemade edible history that captivates its residents from the boating docks at Navy Pier and breathtaking scenery draped across the rim of the urban skyline to the outermost reaches of the spacious suburbs. Italian Beef, along with a variety of other mouthwatering dishes, date back to the turn of the century when spirited pioneers throughout the nation settled in the Chicagoland area with the hope of sharing their freshly prepared family traditions with the beating yet loving heart of the Midwest. Events with humble beginnings that have grown to prominent communal sensations that have and continue to allow iconic Chicago foods, sports, music, and various festivals to flourish without restriction, which has gradually transformed the differences among individuals into intimate similarities. By awarding the opportunity to citizens of Chicago, regardless of their personal or professional backgrounds, to freely express the knowledge they have gained while peacefully living about the city through the composition of blog posts, it will unite the diversity that lies within this proud society and will inevitably come to gracefully benefit its fortunate future. serves a loyal, outlasting, and undisputed purpose that is designed to preserve the pure and priceless components that support the foundations of one of the most reputable yet notoriously populated urban areas ever established in the United States. The conservation of the historical significance that fuels a majority of the local businesses and organizations situated within and around Chicago is a task that is carried by all for the greater good of the city’s prosperity. Publishing articles regularly that highlight the vast collections of entrepreneurial ambition that is responsible for the birth of Chicago’s signature attractions is one of many efforts that must be taken to ensure the longevity of its dispersed cultural tendencies and characteristics. With the dedication of Chicago residents, it will at last be feasible to captivate the extraordinary streams of memorable sentiments in writing and share it with those who have individually or collectively made the city what it is today through the gateway of social media and the World Wide Web.

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